Someone Made A Rap Song Called “Frat As Fu**”

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Nice Move

Your “Summer Jams 2013” playlist just got a lot sexier, folks. Move aside, Miley, because a new song is tearing through the streets all across the U.S. It’s called Frat. As. Fugh. (F.A.F. Fratboy Freestyle), and it’s about to start climbing the charts. F.A.F. is by Ayech Wells, an up-and-comer in the frat rap game.

A tipster emailed us the link to the song, along with the below message:

Do y’all see what you have created? FUCK YOU

Love this email. Love it.

Best line from the song: Family first and school, but I’d do anything for Sig EP. Brothers ’til the grave. GDIs are lame. Hot Greeks over everyone. Who can you really blame? Go Greek and ‘No homo’ on that comment I just made.

Nothing but hot fire.



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