Someone Pranks Sigma Nu At Kansas With “Wanted” Posters On Campus

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Nice Move

Someone Trolls Sigma Nu Pledges At Kansas With %22Wanted%22 Posters

We’ve got some big news coming out of Lawrence, Kansas this morning. It seems that someone is pulling a prank on some members of Sigma Nu, making outrageous claims at the expense of their character. We received the following tip:

It is finals week at ku and on the walk to 7 am finals sig nus were bombarded with wanted signs of the entire sophomore pledge class. Fliers were hung all throughout the greek community and plastered on campus. Accusations are being thrown at the freshman pledge class and dg’s. It was most likely an inside job. All that is know for certain is that some sigma nus can’t take a joke.

Included were some photos of the wanted posters, none of which included the accusations against DG.

Sigma Nu 1

Sigma Nu 8

Sigma Nu 7

Sigma Nu 6

Sigma Nu 5

Sigma Nu 3

Sigma Nu 2

Some of the other posters not pictured include:

– Wanted for not paying for his porn mag subscriptions.

– Wanted for having a loyalty card at the Outhouse (Lawrence strip club).

– Wanted for being a pussy… K-State cat.

Kansas IFC says that this will not stand, since one of the posters singled out an IFC member for not paying for extra guac.

This is a really bad prank. Whoever thought of this should be ashamed of themselves for their poor idea and poor execution.


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