Sorority Girl And Texans #1 Fan Tweets Photo With Fake Arian Foster, Real Arian Foster Corrects Her

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Nice Move

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They all look alike, don’t they? The hair, the skin tone, the attire–they’re all the same, right? In a group, it’s tough to differentiate one from the next, which is all the more troubling since they typically travel in herds. I’m talking about sorority girls, of course.

Jenni Bazard, a Phi Mu at Louisiana Tech–and according to her Twitter bio, the “#1 fan of the Texans”–met Arian Foster in a Houston bar on Saturday night, one of her favorite Houston Texans. Except it wasn’t Arian Foster. She tweeted about it anyway.

You have to respect this guy going along with it. Pretty funny, made even funnier after the real Arian Foster called her on the mistake.

This guy does resemble Arian Foster, if we’re being honest. And living in Houston, he probably gets confused with the famous running back pretty often. Look at him in this photo just owning it.

[via Twitter]


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