Sorority Girl Puts Hilarious Hidden Message On Bottom Of Painted Cooler

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Nice Move

The Facebook group “The Cooler Connection” is every sorority girl’s go-to resource when it comes to getting both cooler inspiration and assistance. It also serves as a spot for the gals to show off the fruit of their arduous labor so that at least someone will actually appreciate it instead of just saying “thanks, babe” before pushing their head down to crotch level avec Dennis Reynolds.

I’m a member of the Facebook group because #content, and it’s times like these that said membership pays off. Check out the hidden message this sorority girl snuck onto the bottom of her date’s cooler.


This is a conspiracy theory I can actually get behind. If you’re not the ZK, why can’t you prove it, Ted? WHY?

Keep your eyes peeled this formal season, guys. Your date might be trying to pull a fast one on you.

Image via The Cooler Connection


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