South Carolina Sorority Council Lifts Ban On Members Drinking At Tailgates (With A Few Caveats)

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Nice Move


It was an absolute debacle at the University of South Carolina on Tuesday when Sorority Council announced that members would be banned from all alcohol-related social events until October 1, including this Saturday’s tailgate for the first home game of the season.

south carolina sorority council

Pictured: President of the South Carolina Sorority Council

In wake of the blowback, including a petition which garnered thousands of signatures, the Sorority Council met with the Fraternity Council to come up with an agreement.

Sorority members are once again free to get their drink on during the football game this Saturday. However, there are a handful of stipulations, including a six beer per person maximum, but nothing y’all can’t work around.

This is a great day, Carolina. This is your Tianamen Square. Your Salt March. You stood up to your oppressors, raised a red Solo cup, and said, “I’m going to drink all of this, and then I’m going to get another.”

Tailgate season is back, motherfuckers.

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