South Korean Government Is Sick Of Shitty Female Drivers, Gives Them Their Own Parking Spots

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Nice Move

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The South Korean government has decided to make Seoul a “female-friendly city.” What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s nothing more than a clever disguise to give the men of the city less of a parking headache.

The city decided women should have their own parking spots, not because they’ve done anything special to deserve them, but rather because they can’t park for shit. A big part of the $95 million Women-Friendly Seoul initiative is turning existing parking lots into female-friendly zones. While both men and women may continue to park in normal spots, women will have the option to park in reserved spots, conveniently marked with pink paint. The spots also have a giant pink emblem in the middle.

The spots will be longer and wider than normal spots, giving the struggling female drivers of Seoul a lot more room for error. It is truly a genius concept and one that is definitely long overdue.

Don’t think I’m just bashing women. I love women. I really do. However, I’d definitely support the fuck out of any politician who attempts to bring this to America.

Make it happen, Washington.

[via CarBuzz]


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