South Park Parodies Mizzou’s Safe Space In Hilarious Fashion

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Nice Move

South Park Parodies Mizzou's Safe Space In Hilarious Fahsion

This season of South Park has put out some great episodes. Just last week, we saw the return of the PC Principal and the PC Delta crew, where they mocked political correctness and the pussification of America.

Part of the episode went so far as to mock the term “safe space” made famous by the embarrassing Mizzou protests.

In last night’s episode, they took their trolling one step further on the whole safe space thing.

Warning that this could be perceived as a spoiler alert, so if you’d like to peep the full episode go here.

This is great. I love how Stan’s dad Randy perfectly portrays every Mizzou protestor who claims you can’t enter their space.

“But this is my safe space on this public property. You can’t enter!” is what they’ll say, while Melissa Click holds her Gandalf staff, screaming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” at media members or anyone else who wants to enter. But any smart person isn’t going to think “oh damn. That’s their safe space, better not enter, since they claimed it and all. I’ll just leave.”

South Park continues to be the greatest show on television. Nineteen seasons running and not slowing down at all.


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