Southeast Missouri State Sig Ep Spent The Weekend Cleaning Parks To Help 9-Year-Old Girl With Brain Cancer

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Nice Move

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Columbia, Missouri may be in total disarray, but a 200-mile drive south will take you to a place where some pretty cool things are happening.

9-year-old Amelia is currently battling brain cancer. As part of her Make-A-Wish request, she asked that people help clean their local parks because it is something she enjoys doing with her grandmother. In order to complete her wish, Missouri residents across the state spent hours in their local parks cleaning up trash and making their communities more appealing.

Aside from local community leaders, emergency services workers, and Pam from down the street, the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter from Southeast Missouri State University took it upon themselves to ensure their local parks were spotless in accordance with #AmeliasWish. They took a squad out into the community and spent hours making sure no area was untouched.

From KFVS:

Sigma Phi Epsilon president, Aaron Clite, said this was a contribution that his fraternity wasn’t going to miss out on.

“It’s something that we really wanted to rally behind,” Clite said. “It was a no-brainer for us to be out here, making someone else day better, but also trying to help out the community.”

That is one hell of a group. Great job, men. It feels good to load up a Monday morning with positive stories.

[via KFVS]


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