IFC put us on social probation for a semester to let the the other fraternities catch up. TFM.

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Nice Move


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    yeah bro

    Catching up to what? Dead Last? No socials= no sorostitutes= sausage fest in the KA house. Thats just what yall wanted. Rush a real frat- Sigma Chi

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      I do not know what is funnier. The fact you all think you are #1 or the fact you all got suspended. Way to live up to the great KA standards

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      Fraton Rouge Senior

      having to tell all of your potential pledges that i was stealing that we got put on probation for making our pledges eat out old strippers nf. we did, however, gain about 8 pledges from that rumor, so i guess i should be thanking you.
      live ever die never

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    Actually i go to their university. This KA chapter got put on social probation because the had their pledge group before formal Rush started. They told their pledges not to show any interest in any other fraternity or be friends with any member of another fraternity or they would be dropped

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