Southwestern College Soccer Coach Bevved Up On Alcohol Steals Ambulance, Promptly Loses Job

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Nice Move

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How was your Saturday night? Did it involve getting blackout drunk, stealing an ambulance, and putting your career in jeopardy? No? Too bad. Ryan Richardson had a better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) night than you.

After drinking just a little too much, Richardson went off the deep end and dove headfirst into waters that will ensure people are talking about his antics for years to come.

From KWCH:

A Winfield man was arrested early Sunday morning after a brief chase that began shortly after the man is said to have stolen an ambulance that was outside the hospital in Ark City.

Hey, can you really blame the guy? I mean he was an assistant soccer coach. I’d get blackout drunk at every opportunity too if I had to coach soccer, let alone just being a lowly assistant. Unfortunately for Ryan, his actions cost him his livelihood.

A spokeswoman for Southwestern College confirms Richardson served as an assistant coach for the university’s men’s soccer team, starting in August.

The spokeswoman says Richardson has been terminated from his position with the university.

I’m guessing he won’t get a good letter of recommendation? Such a shame that something like this cost him his job, too. If I’m a recruit, I want a player’s coach like that coaching me up, taking me to the bars, and buying me shots.

In the end, Richardson was charged with an assortment of things: driving under the influence, felony theft and refusal of a preliminary breath test. He had a good run and set the bar high for his next night out.

[via KWCH]

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