Spend Your Monday Night Watching The Live Stream Of ‘Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland’

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It’s the start of the week, and the cumulative post Super Bowl hangover is soul crushing — knowing that there’s no football for the next six months — and it’s left you uninspired to do anything on this throwaway Monday. No chance you’re going to class, that unpaid internship, or even leaving the house. No, you’re getting some mediocre food delivered, firmly planting yourself on the couch, and mindlessly watching TV the rest of the night.

You could scroll through the options. Run through Arrested Development on Netflix for the fourteenth time in the last two months? Eh, is that how you really want today to play out? Listlessly reciting line after line about a Banana Stand? You don’t want to mail it in like that. At least put that bar on the ground, step over it, and accomplish something new.

What does OnDemand or iTunes have for you? How about The Martian? Matt Damon growing potatoes on a red rock for two and a half hours sounds exhilarating. Yeah, pass on Space FarmVille. How about Bridge of Spies? Spielberg and Tom Hanks back at it could be good. Oh, it’s about an American insurance lawyer defending a Soviet spy during the Cold War? You don’t want to delve into something that heavy and question your patriotism. You need something humorous. Something fun. The Intern? Another trite fish-out-of-water, corky PG-13 comedy? De Niro’s career decline is depressing, not funny. Jesus, this is becoming more of a project than casual enjoyment.

So what movie could you throw on right now that you’ve never seen before, but know will be a satisfying 90 minutes of drug propelled, boner inducing, R-rated, gut wrenching laughter? Fucking Blue Mountain State, of course.

Tits, blow, and Thad Castle. What more of a pick-me-up could you ask for on the most depressing, dull day of the year? It’s available on iTunes to be rented or purchased now.

But if you were a fan of this once in a generation show and want to experience the movie with fellow fans and the creators as a cohesive unit, Thad Castle and company will be watching the movie and commenting on YouTube tonight live at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, so adjust accordingly. CLICK HERE FOR THAT LIVE DISCUSSION, or just get over to the BMS The Movie YouTube channel at 6 p.m. PST — after purchasing the film — and join in on the action.


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