St. Louis Cardinal Brayan Peña Shows That The American Dream Is Alive And Well

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Nice Move

Brayan Pena

St. Louis Cardinals Cuban-born catcher Brayan Peña just won over the hearts of America.

Peña sent out the follow tweet Tuesday afternoon:

This right here is a prime example of how the American Dream is still alive and well. Here we have an immigrant who left his country due to hardship who discovered the riches of America through our national pastime. After finding success and fortune in Major League Baseball, Peña wanted to give back to the country that has given him so much since arriving.

No wonder relations between America and Cuba were rocky all these years. Their citizens weren’t just looking for a way out, they were looking to jump ship and join the greatest armed forces mankind has ever known. Cuban American’s are A-Okay in my book if they are going to show this type of patriotism upon arrival. It’s that type of immigrant spirit this country was built upon.

I like to think Peña lights up a victory Cuban cigar after every win, on the baseball and the battlefield.

God Bless Brayan Peña.

Image via YouTube


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