Star Alabama Linebacker Tim Williams Arrested For Gun Possession

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Nice Move


Remember when Alabama’s best offensive lineman was arrested for felony possession of stolen firearms? Well, now another future 1st-round draft pick for the Crimson Tide has found himself in hot water for guns. Linebacker Tim Williams was arrested early Thursday for carrying a gun without a permit.

Police also smelled marijuana coming from his car, but nothing came of that. The charge is only a misdemeanor and his bond was only $300, surely paid for by an Alabama booster.

Look, we’ve seen this song and dance before with the whole Cam Robinson situation, only Cam’s was a felony and even he got off scot-free. You’d be a fool to think that Williams won’t be on the sideline this weekend against Kentucky, or at the very least, he’s suspended for that game and suits up against Arkansas next.

That’s just the Alabama way.

[via 247 Sports]

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