Steelers’ William Gay Really Got His Money’s Worth Out Of Excessive Celebration Penalty

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Nice Move

Steelers William Gay Gets Pick Six, Rubs It In Bengals Faces With Great Excessive Celebration

There is nothing better than a grade-A touchdown celebration. It gives you the chance to taunt your opponent, rub it in their faces, and get you an edge. But in the end, it’s your way of reminding the other team that you own them. And in yesterday’s Steelers-Bengals game, Pittsburgh’s William Gay did just that.

After picking off an A.J. McCarron pass, he returned it 23 yards for the score — tying Hall of Famer Rod Woodson for the most interceptions returned for touchdowns in team history in the process. So, he had reason to celebrate, and boy did he ever.

It just didn’t stop. There’s excessive celebration, and then there is what Willie did. He celebrated so long that he was still celebrating while the ref was announcing the penalty. In all honesty, the refs could’ve hit him with about 17 celebration flags and he’d still go on.

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