Stewart Cink Drills 94-Foot Putt At Georgia Tech Basketball Game, Wins Student $25,000

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Nice Move

Stewart Cink may easily be the most forgettable major winner in the history of the PGA. He looks like the bald default player model you’re given to build off of in any sports video game. I was paid to follow golf for two years and I still mix him up with the other whitest, least interesting man on tour, Steve Stricker. Mind you, they look nothing alike, but since they both have similar personalities that come from the same stale box of saltine crackers, they morph together. I have an easier time differentiating every Korean on the LPGA tour.

No one has ever been like “Fuck yeah, it’s Stewart Cink!”

That was until last night, when the British Open winner dropped a 94-foot putt on the hardwood to win a Georgia Tech student $25,000.

Incredible putt, lackluster celebration. Typical Strick…Cink.


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