Store Manager Peyton Manning Won’t Sell You Gatorade If You’re Not Sweating

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Nice Move

In between throwing touchdowns and ribbing his brother Eli for being the lesser of the two Manning quarterbacks, Peyton likes to make commercials. Gatorade released a series of commercials poking fun at the people who don’t buy the sports drink to refuel their bodies, and in classic Peyton form, he essentially calls the customers unhealthy and denies them the ability to buy one without breaking a sweat first. Cam Newton joined in on the fun, and it turns out that he’s equally as funny.

This campaign might be one of Gatorade’s greatest. These commercials encourage me even more to go to the nearest 7-11 Saturday morning and pick up a Green Apple Gatorade. Pro tip: mix Everclear and Gatorade together.


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