Students Sign Petition to Have Gun Owners Put in Concentration Camps and Executed

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Nice Move

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Political activist Mark Dice, known for authoring conspiracy theory books about the Illuminati, decided that he was going to troll some liberal college students in San Diego, California. He started out by asking them to sign a fake petition to repeal the second amendment, which they signed willingly, then he decided to see how far he could take it.

When asked to sign a petition to forcefully remove guns from the hands of legal gun owners, deport them to FEMA concentration camps, and then execute them, various students cheerfully replied, “Sure, no problem.” Some more level-headed students simply said that they need to know more about it or refused because it would “never pass.”

Yeah, I know. I thought it was just a sensationalist headline too, until I watched the video.

Some people are just afraid of guns. I suppose it’s understandable if you didn’t grow up around them, or, you know, because they can be used to kill people. Me? I think these anti-gun people are absolutely terrifying. Lock and load, boys.


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