Study Says Global Warming Will Be The Reason We Have Less Sex

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Global warming isn’t quite the hot topic it used to be. It seems that people have put the issue on the back burner for other things. Not that I’m complaining. Al Gore, on the other hand, wants to bring it back. Maybe this recent study will make people start clamoring about climate change again.

A few economists decided to test out the effects of climate change on how often two people come together to make sex. Apparently, global warming is leading to less sex.

From Bloomberg:

Three economists studied 80 years of U.S. fertility and temperature data and found that when it’s hotter than 80 degrees F, a large decline in births follows within 10 months. Would-be parents tend not to make up for lost time in subsequent, cooler months.

First off, what the hell are three economists doing studying climate change and sex? Shouldn’t they be doing better things with their time, such as economics research? I know it’s a lot to ask of them, but someone has to do it, and those global warming researchers are too unreliable for economics stuff.

Are we really supposed to believe the hotter it gets, the less likely we are to have sex? I guess these economists haven’t been to a college pool party during the heat of the summer.

[via Bloomberg]

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