Study Shows People Spend About A Year Of Their Lives Hungover

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A pounding headache and the need to take down enough fried food to feed an impoverished nation is just God’s way of telling you that you had a great time the night before. Have you ever wondered how much time you actually spend recovering in order to go out again later that night? According to the Macmillan Cancer Support, the answer is about a year of your life.

From Mirror:

Macmillan Cancer Support estimates people spend 315 days nursing headaches and battling nausea caused by boozing.

For your average college kid, 315 days sounds kind of low. If we were only hungover once a weekend for 52 weekends, that means that we’d hit that number in about six years. But after that, it’s time for postgrad drinking. The math seems fishy.

Since we all love a good North versus South debate, check this out:

The poll also showed a north-south divide –with 22% of northerners suffering four or more hangovers a month compared to 15% of people in the south.

The argument could go one of two ways. Northerners could claim they drink more, which is why they have more hangovers, while folks in the South can say they are just used to drinking so much that they don’t get hungover.

However, the charity has a poor idea for all of us to try and gain back some of our days.

Macmillan’s spokeswoman Hannah Redmond said: “Hangovers are a waste of time, causing people to miss out on everything from romance to a dream job. That’s why we’re asking people to abstain for October.”

That’s rich, Hannah. Really rich.

[via Mirror]


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