University Of Houston QB Kyle Allen Hit The Girlfriend Jackpot With This Scorching Hot Arizona Alpha Phi

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Nice Move

New Houston QB Kyle Allen Hit The Girlfriend Jackpot With This Arizona A-Phi Hottie

So far, we have had four solid entries into the ongoing arm-candy war that is now extending beyond the world of the SEC. Here are the first four competitors:

1) UGA LB Jake Ganus’ girlfriend
2) UT WR Josh Harris’ girlfriend
3) USC K Elliot Fry’s girlfriend
4) Alabama QB Jake Coker’s girlfriend

Enter Kyle Allen, and now the American Athletic Conference is getting in on the fun (although some could argue the SEC could take claim since Allen just transferred from A&M). Houston’s QB of the 2017 season does not disappoint when it comes to his girlfriend. In fact, he hit the jackpot.

Summer Juraszek is her name, and being unbelievably hot is her game. Summer attends the University of Arizona (home to the hottest girls in the land) and she happens to be an Alpha Phi. It’s the double whammy. Being hot was just meant to be for Summer. Check her out to see for yourself.

The gloves have officially come off now that this war is going multi-conference.


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