Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Russell Wilson Causes E From “Entourage” To Break His Leg

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Nice Move

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In a story only fitting for the set of the upcoming “Entourage” movie, a Russell Wilson pass is responsible for Kevin Connelly’s broken leg. Connelly is the actor who portrays Eric Murphy, commonly referred to as E.

It looks like E’s really shitty luck followed him in the show’s two year hiatus.

The story gets more “Entourage”-y. Apparently, while running a post route, Connelly tripped over a sprinkler head, which caused him to land awkwardly on the ground. To make matters worse, Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle, also tripped and fell on top of Connelly’s already injured leg. Even the new skinny Turtle was too fat for Connelly’s leg bone, which is now fractured.

(collective Johnny Drama groan)

Wilson is the only confirmed NFL star with a cameo in the new “Entourage” movie. The others who are rumored to film scenes include Patriots tight end Rob “I can’t read or write” Gronkowski and wide receiver Julian Edelman.

There is no word on how many hot, naked girls were injured in the filming of this scene.

[via Bleacher Report]


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