Sweet, Old Grandmother Has A Vulgar Message For The Florida Gators

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Nice Move

Undefeated Tennessee hosts undefeated Florida this weekend to fight for the driver’s seat in the SEC East. This sweet grandma has a message for the Gators as they come to town.

Oh, Granny. Reminds me a lot of my grandma (RIP) when it came to Penn State games. I get the sense that she’s the type of fan to say obscenities at the TV while she’s baking a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for the grandkids. Might even drop a few racist remarks every now and then at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone just awkwardly laughs it off.

The SEC is known for their passionate fan bases. You can’t tweet anything bad about a team without getting some sort of argument coming your way. Granny definitely is a prime example of this. I’d watch a game with her.


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