Sweetheart of the Week: Allie DeSantis

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Nice Move

The TFM Sweethearts are a collection of the most attractive, American sorority girls from across the country. Every week we are featuring one as the Sweetheart of the Week, as chosen by the TFM staff.

Allie DeSantis is our Sweetheart of the Week. She’s an Interpersonal Communication major at Miami University in Ohio. I gotta say, I wouldn’t mind interpersonally communicating with her for a little bit, if you catch my drift.

Judging by her S.H. photos, Allie is a cheerleader at Miami, and that’s exciting stuff. Look out though, guys. Allie plans on attending law school after she graduates.

Click Here to view Allieā€˜s full Sweetheart profile.

Dillon Cheverere

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