Sweetheart of the Week: Annie Tagye

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Nice Move

The TFM Sweethearts are a collection of the most attractive, American sorority girls from across the country. Every week we are featuring one as the Sweetheart of the Week, as chosen by the TFM staff.

Annie Tagye is our Sweetheart of the Week this week. She’s a 5’7″ blondie at Arizona State trying to get into the marketing game after she graduates – the pharmaceutical sales arena. She’s taken though, you freaks.

Let’s check out her creep move: “Once a guy somehow found my number, called me and told me he found my number on a piece of paper on the ground, and then admitted to lying and still tried to ask me out on a date.” C’mon, Annie. Don’t jerk us around like that. There is no way that is the creepiest move ever pulled on you.

Click Here to view Annie‘s full Sweetheart profile.


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