Sweetheart of the Week: Megan Hevner

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Nice Move

The TFM Sweethearts are a collection of the most attractive, American sorority girls from across the country. Every week we are featuring one as the Sweetheart of the Week, as chosen by the TFM staff.

Meet Megan Hevner from Florida. She’s a 21 year-old, 5’5″ bombshell majoring in Communications and Marketing at Stetson University. She’s trying to be the next Erin Andrews, and I think she’s got what it takes. But sorry, guys – she’s in a relationship, not that any of you would have a chance at locking her down anyway. We’re talking about Megan Hevner here.

From her profile:

What’s the creepiest move a guy has ever tried to pull on you?
“Liking/commenting on every picture I’ve ever been tagged in on Facebook. Easily over a 1000 pics…”

About that, Meg… Look, I was checking out your Facebook account to make sure you were Sweetheart material. I’m really sorry, but it was just due diligence. I guess I got a little carried away with my comments and “likes,” but your photos were just so awesome. Before I knew it I was 700+ photos and 8 hours deep into my research. It got out of hand fast, but I figured since I was already in so deep that I’d ride it out and check out all your albums. Don’t hold it against me.

Click Here to view Megan‘s full Sweetheart profile.


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