Sweetheart of the Week: Taylor Chatley

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Nice Move

The TFM Sweethearts are a collection of the most attractive, American sorority girls from across the country. Every week we are featuring one as the Sweetheart of the Week, as chosen by the TFM staff.

Meet Taylor Chatley from Arizona State University. She’s a 5’2″ brunette studying Dietetics, and she plans to go to culinary school after she graduates.

Here’s her creep move: “A guy that I had never seen in my life came up to me on campus and addressed me by my first and last name and then asked to take me out.”

I don’t know. Taylor is a common name these days. There was possibly another Taylor around you, and he wanted to ensure you understood he wanted to wine and dine YOU.

Here’s her favorite TSM: “You call it morning wood, I call it breakfast in bed. TSM.”

I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’.

Click Here to view Taylor‘s full Sweetheart profile.


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