Swing Now, Party Later: Will $100,000 From DraftKings Help You Recover From The 4th?

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Nice Move

Our friends at DraftKings are holding a special satellite contest just for TFM where you can win your way into their $300,000 British Open tournament for free as a first time depositor. Fantasy golf is simple, and it’s an awesome way to keep yourself emotionally invested in a golf tourney. You have a salary cap of $50,000, and you draft the 6 golfers you think have the best chance of getting you the most points.

Enter Contest For FREE As First Time Depositor

Like I said, if you’re a first time depositor then entry is completely free, but if you’re not, it’s only $2 to play. First place in the $300,000 British Open tournament takes home $100,000. That’s one hell of a payday for sitting on your ass and clicking the mouse a few times just to make a sport you already enjoy watching even more enjoyable.

So get in there and win yourself a shot at $100,000, or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone.

Enter Contest For FREE As First Time Depositor


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