Syracuse Lacrosse Goalie Pulls Off The Ol’ Hidden Ball Trick, Orange Go The Length Of The Field And Score

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Nice Move

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It’s a Sunday during the winter lull of no football, a very light college basketball slate, and a Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls game. If you’ve already powered through “House of Cards” like myself, there’s not much going on to distract you during this lazy, cold March afternoon. Well here’s college lacrosse to save the day…for two minutes of your time.

Snake it till you fucking make it. This is on par with a first basemen coming out of a meeting on the pitcher’s mound with the ball and tagging a runner out when he takes a lead. It’s just a complete gimmick play that walks the fine line between bush-league and brilliant. I respect the hustle, Syracuse.

h/t BroBible

Image via Youtube


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