Syracuse Pulls Massive Power Move, Self-Imposes One-Year Tourney Ban Even Though It Wasn’t Going To Make The Tourney

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Nice Move

Syracuse Pulls A Giant Power Move By Self Imposing One Year Tourney Ban When They Weren't Going Anyway

How many times have we, as fraternity members, been under fire from a nationals or university investigation into our chapter? There are too many times to count on one hand and too many times that are really bullshit. In an effort to appease our superiors and make ourselves seem like we are doing something to better our image and our chapter, we self-impose some punishment that certainly doesn’t fit the crime we “never” did. Some of these can be “no” parties for a semester, “dry” rush, and so on.

This concept also runs over into the sports world. Syracuse recently found itself under the NCAA’s microscope for alleged infractions from the men’s basketball team, but none of the infractions occurred after 2012. Some of these included academic violations, à la Fab Melo. Jim Boeheim and Syracuse’s athletic department decided that the best course of action would be to ban this season’s team from competing in any postseason tournament.

From ESPN:

Syracuse University has self-imposed a postseason ban on its men’s basketball team this season in response to an ongoing NCAA investigation into potential past infractions by the team.

The ban includes the NCAA tournament, ACC tournament and NIT.

For your typical Syracuse team, this sounds like a major penalty to a team that is consistently talked about as a Sweet 16 threat. However, Syracuse is nowhere near NCAA tournament-eligible. The team hasn’t won against a top 50 opponent all season, and it is a paltry 7-7 against top 150 teams. The Orange isn’t even on the bubble — its bubble popped and then some. The team flat out sucks this season.

That’s what makes this self-imposed ban such a power move. Boeheim and Syracuse know that they are not doing the program any real harm by enforcing a ban this year. Sure, Syracuse might miss out on the NIT, but then again, it’s the NIT. The NIT is sort of like that GDI you kicked out of your party for being, well, a geed. He’s on the outside looking in, and he’s just happy he gets a glance at the talent pool by walking into your party. He’ll look, but he’ll never touch.

I love everything about this move, Jim, you magnificent bastard.

[via ESPN]

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