Take This Quiz To See Which Presidential Candidate You Should Actually Vote For

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Nice Move

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Still undecided? That’s cute, you feeble-minded, donkey-brained half-wit. You’re clearly very in tune with politics. Moron. Lucky for you, there’s a free online quiz you can take that’ll tell you exactly who you should be voting for in ten minutes or less.

ISideWith takes your stances on certain social, political, and other issues, and how important those issues are to you, then uses some funky algorithm to match you with the candidate whose agenda most closely matches yours.

Pretty dangerous concept here. What if Trump takes over this website like he took over JebBush.com? Just makes it so every person who takes it gets the “you should vote for Donald Trump” message at the end? Can’t say I’d hate the move, but it would definitely affect the ballots — almost 31 million people have used ISideWith to match themselves with a candidate, according to their website.

You can think of this like political Tinder, in a way. Using the internet to match yourself up with a fine piece of political ass. God I hope I get Rubio. Dude’s a fucking untamed, wild stallion who just exudes steam heat. In the senate chamber, of course. Definitely not in my dreams every night.

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