Tampa Bay Rookie Mike Evans Allegedly Gets Into Street Brawl With Club Bouncers

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Nice Move

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It seems as if the NFL is getting a little out of control lately. Players are smoking the demon weed left and right, others are beating their wives, Johnny effing Football is flipping off sidelines, and now, thanks to shameless paparazzi exposé journalist outlet TMZ, rookie Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Mike Evans and some of his friends allegedly got into a fight with the bouncers at a club. Here’s the video.

There are some things I would like to point out about this whole situation:

1. Mike Evans doesn’t throw the first punch, either a bouncer or his friend did.
2. Those “cops” at the beginning absolutely disappeared when stuff went down.
3. Evans’ agent is saying that the TMZ video was from a fight way back in March.

This whole thing is sort of dumb, but honestly I’m happier that these guys got into fights with guys their own size and not their wives or girlfriends. Roger Goodell needs to mandate that all football players go through some “Clockwork Orange”-style conditioning so they don’t act like idiot meatheads when they aren’t on the field because all of this NFL preseason drama crap is getting ridiculous.

[via TMZ]

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