Tasteless “Finish What Katrina Started” Sign At Bama Sparks Outrage, Promptly Taken Down

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Nice Move

An offensive sign hanging at an off-campus apartment complex near the University of Alabama has been taken down, according to the school’s newspaper.

The sign, which read “Finish What Katrina Started,” was perhaps the most tasteless sign we’ve seen this season.

It was thought to be hanging at an Alabama fraternity house, but The Crimson White editor-in-chief was quick to note that a fraternity was not at fault.

Wow. Can you believe it? College students who aren’t involved in Greek life can be tasteless and offensive, as well. What a world. Now, of course, there is always the possibility that fraternity members who lived at this residence were complicit, but let’s just humor the idea that maybe, JUST maybe, we got off scot-free this time. Big win for Greek life, if true — even though the court of public opinion has likely already condemned Alabama fraternities forever.

If you have more information about the sign, email tips@totalfratmove.com.

By the way, LSU is going to hammer the shit out of the Crimson Tide.


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