Apparently TCU Frat Guys Held A Clown Hunt Last Night And Used Golf Clubs As Weapons

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Nice Move

So this clown business is getting a little out of hand. Clowns are popping up everywhere, and are now starting to invade college campuses. TCU reported seeing a clown on campus last night, even though Gary Patterson was most likely already home getting some much needed rest.

TCU even sent out an email to the community.

And here is said clown…


What was the first reaction amongst TCU students when news of the clown spread across the student body? Hunt the damn thing down.

This is so TCU. Nothing like a bunch of rich, white guys grabbing their golf clubs to beat the shit out of a clown. When I think of the #1 school that would do this, it’s TCU. At SMU, we’d just tell our butler to take care of it. Bet no one cared that white privilege was responsible for keeping the campus safe last night. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing?

There was also one brave girl who grabbed a Swiffer.


If there’s anything Texas has taught anyone, it’s that they mean it when they say “don’t mess with Texas.” We got guns and shit. So if you’re a clown at Texas Tech University, you’re going to get shot. The frat guys there are more than likely going to grab something that packs a little more punch than their golf clubs.


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