TCU Phi Kappa Sigma Kicked Off For Guns, Drugs, And Raging Too Hard

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Seven years ago, Phi Kappa Sigma was named TCU’s “most improved chapter” after TCU had contemplated suspending them the previous year for alcohol violations and various other misconducts.

Now, TCU’s Phi Kappa Sigma has officially been given the boot. The university claims that the behavior of some of the members was putting other kids in the house at risk and that led to the decision by TCU and Phi Kappa Sigma’s Nationals to shut the fraternity down until further notice.

While neither TCU officials nor Phi Kappa Sigma Nationals elaborated on what was the exact cause of the shutdown, TCU360 got their hands on part of an email that chapter president Clayton Reis sent to the members outlining the events leading to the shutdown.

“We had our former CRA, living in the frat house, in possession of drugs, guns, and alcohol,” Reis wrote, referring to the chapter’s resident assistant. “We had multiple Phi Kaps dealing drugs, including a member in the house dealing some extremely hard drugs.”

“We had a gulf shores spring break video produced by members of PC15 that went public on the internet and was posted on TCU fb wall that showed our members and other students raging like no tomorrow,” Reis wrote.

Guns, drugs, alcohol, and raging on spring break. The guns belonged to their former CRA and apparently not any member. Dealing drugs is not ideal so that makes sense to punish the individuals, but the alcohol and raging too hard on spring break?

I don’t want to live in a world where raging on spring break is going to bring punishment. Honestly, what could Phi Kappa Sigma have been doing on spring break that the thousands of other spring break videos out there didn’t include?

[via TCU360]

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