Team USA Fans Showing Their College Loyalty By Flying School Flags At The World Cup

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Nice Move

U-S-A. S-E-C.

Despite what TFM’s shit sipping intern thinks, chanting S-E-C at the World Cup is most definitely not a fail. It’s hilarious, and any SEC fan there should do it. Please. You’ll, at worst, be no less obnoxious than the dudes dressed as Batman.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with that, it’s still cool to see different schools being repped by their faithful at the world’s ultimate sporting event. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin recently spotted an Aggie fan 12th-manning for Team USA during the Portugal match on Sunday and proudly tweeted it.

The Aggies fan in question is Ryan Walton, who braved the jungle to go see Team USA play in Manaus, a city that probably shouldn’t exist.

Texas A&M is just one of many college flags to be seen at this year’s World Cup. Also spotted have been South Carolina:

Wazzu, because that flag is inexplicably everywhere:




And finally, Auburn:

This makes sense, really. College football is America’s equivalent to the soccer fanaticism the rest of the world is used to. In fact, if someone could run the numbers on whose fans have caused more football related deaths, fans of Alabama schools or South American team supporters, that’d be great. (My money is on Bama.)

[h/t College Spun]


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