Teenager Built His Very Own Shaggin’ Wagon, Will Bring it to College and Clean Up

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Nice Move

Young Austin Davis is set to choose his college destination soon as tens of thousands of quivering coeds wait with unrelenting anticipation. These girls wait patiently with the Austin Davis lottery ticket in-hand, hoping they hit the jackpot and Davis rolls up to their college town with his shaggin’ wagon in tow, ready to open for business.

Over the last couple years, Davis has been constructing his own trailered dorm room, complete with loft bed, kitchen, shower, desk and pull-out couch. This man cave/bachelor pad on wheels is finally complete.

He’s a senior in high school and has finally finished what will be his dorm room on wheels when he starts college next year. Total cost was $12,000, but it’s debt-free and it’s much more than your typical college digs. It has a full kitchen (including a fridge/freezer, sink and camping oven), a sofa-bed he built himself, a nearly full-sized shower (he chopped the top off) and a composting toilet.

When the media gets up in his business about this rolling love shack, his cover-up is the “mortgage crisis, the environmental impact of large homes and the Small House Movement.” Sharp kid. You’re not foolin’ everybody though, Austin. He’ll have to ditch those flat bills and the fedora, but he’s going to absolutely clean up.

I’m just thankful I don’t have a daughter within towing distance of this ass-slaying savant.




Roger Dorn (@RogerJDorn) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. He's a native Texan with a full head of hair and knows his way around a nice box of red wine. Dorn graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. Golf is his game now. He's long off the tee but can't putt for shit. Email: dillon@grandex.co

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    I’m surprised this article survived even a single comment. This is just plain stupid and a waste of his valuable high school time where he could have been pregaming for college. Also, actives would destroy that thing in an instant. Hurricane proof? Cool bro, what about 5th year that just drank a handle of bourbon proof? Police can’t even stop those kinds of natural elements when combined properly I don’t think your balsa wood shack has much of a chance. And finally, if he does pledge a house, he won’t be living in that piece of shit anymore anyway, so now he either sells it or let’s it go into disrepair so he can move back into a trailer when/if he graduates college. Stupid, I would never let my future offspring engage in this behavior. Go do some drugs off your girlfriends ass and stop being a weird little bob the builder.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago
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    That composting toilet is the achilles heel of this slay wagon. Thats gotta a) be a major pain in the ass having to haul our your shit every day b) make the whole house smell like shit c) be gnarly after a serious beer shit session.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago

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