Temple University Student Tries To Murder Philadelphia Police By Shining Laser At Flying Helicopter

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Nice Move


What kind of psychopath do you have to be to shoot a laser pointer at a police helicopter? The only thing a laser should be pointed at is the forehead of a terrorist or the carpet in front of a stupid cat.

From NBC Philadelphia:

Investigators say someone inside a Temple University dorm room pointed a laser at a police helicopter.

The incident happened about 11:30 p.m. Monday inside a dorm room on the university’s campus.

In a photo tweeted out by Lt. David Bonk, you can clearly see a red laser being shone out one of the top center windows of the dorm.

Lt. Bonk said the same individual “hit us twice tonight a few seconds apart.”

On Twitter, Lt. Bonk said police are not planning on pursuing the individual responsible for shining the laser at the helicopter.

However, Lt. Bonk offered a reminder that it is illegal to point lasers at an aircraft and it can temporarily blind the pilots.

Merciful move by the popo not to pursue the unidentified jackass, but I think we all want to see this bozo get his comeuppance. Hopefully karma is real and he shit his pants in the middle of a lecture hall today or something.

[via NBC Philadelphia]

Image via Twitter


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