Tennessee Boarding School Goes All Out In An Absurd Rivalry Game Hype Video

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Nice Move

If you’re from Charlotte, Atlanta or Nashville, chances are you know someone who went to McCallie, one of the most prominent southern boarding schools in the country. A lot of good people have come out of the Chatanooga-based prep school and gone on to be very successful human beings.

But not everything that comes out of McCallie is great, as evidenced by the below video. In anticipation for its annual rivalry game against Baylor Prep, McCallie students released an absurd hype video. It is…something else.

Look at all these future pledges in calf high Nike socks and khaki shorts. Oh, the pleasures of high school. These guys are top dogs right now, but are in for a rude awakening in about 10 months.

I’m all about getting up for high school sports. Even as an alum, I always check in on Twitter to make sure my high school football team is playing well and beating its rival. (Eat shit, South Meck.) But I was never “let’s make a hype video” crazy about high school football — and I was on the team.

The best part of this whole thing is the Ted Turner name-drop about half way through. Bragging about prep school alumni is definitely something I can get behind.

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