Tennessee Has Hottest Girls In SEC According To Football Recruits

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Nice Move

There are many different types of bragging rights amongst your conference foes: head-to-head matchups, recruiting rankings, best stadium, highest annual revenue, championship trophies, and more important categories like which school has the best looking girls. According to six different blue chip high school football prospects that had just come off visits across the SEC, the winner of that last category is the University of Tennessee. All six voted unanimously.

The six recruits polled include: Joshua McMillon, Deddrick Thomas, Jamal Jones, Johnathon Johnson, Nikia Cathey, and Cornelius Sturghill.

Best looking girls

Sturghill: Tennessee

Cathey: Tennessee

Jones: Tennessee

Johnson Tennessee

Thomas: Tennessee

McMillon: Tennessee

I guess the only thing to do now is include photos.







And although she no longer wears Tennessee orange, I have to throw Layla Kiffin in here.


h/t John M Fratsman

[via Big Lead Sports, 24/7 Sports]



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