Piss break on the side of the highway on the way to semi-formal dinner in Gruene. TFM.

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Nice Move


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    you apparently going to Texas State = NF.
    This entire thread, NF
    you, NF.
    Texas State is a damned joke, I had a buddy go there, 99% of the fraternities wear fucking hollister and go to the weight room twice a day.

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      Texas is better

      Texas Tech: The school that claims to be “rivals” with everyone in the big 12 when no one else cares about them. Also, the team that has consistently refused to play TCU to avoid another early season loss. Greune is FaF, and you don’t have to attend Texas State to go there.

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    Dr Unk

    Greune is FaF. I love floating the river while downing a case then hitting up the Dance Hall for more beer where I listen to music i will never remember. On an unrelated note, the Greune Tea Room has a delicious jalapeno cheeseburger (took an ex there on her birthday).

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