Texas A&M Sorority Girl Stabs Ex-Fiancé In The Chest With Dagger Over Text Messages

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Nice Move

Hell hath no fury like a sorority girl scorned.

Things got straight out of hand at the residence of Claire Broughton, 21, and her former fiancé on Tuesday night in College Station. Just days after breaking off their engagement (no idea why — this girl seems like a total sweetheart), Broughton discovered text messages from another girl on this poor bastard’s phone. She responded like any normal, level-headed, formerly engaged college student would — she grabbed a decorative dagger off the wall and tried to jam it into his chest.

According to the arrest report, the couple was still living together when she found a phone number to a woman her ex was texting. That led to an argument, and as the ex was trying to leave she took a dagger from the wall next to the front door and stabbed him once in the chest.

Even crazier than this story: being engaged at 21 years old and in college.

Claire Broughton is a Texas A&M student and member of Sigma Lambda Gamma — a local sorority that prides itself on cultural diversity. I just don’t think the kind of diversity they were shooting for was accepting members with murderous tendencies.

Luckily, the dagger didn’t fully penetrate the fiancé’s chest. He refused medical treatment and will be fine.

[via WTAW]

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