Texas Legislature Hazes Freshman

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Nice Move

Get back on the ‘bows-‘n-toes, Congress pledge.

From Dallas Morning News:

After four minutes of hazing on freshman Rep. Marsha Farney’s very first bill, the House approved her legislation designating pecan pie as the Official State Pie of Texas.

“Would you be willing to amend this bill to say that adding chocolate is illegal and you cannot call it a pecan pie if you put chocolate into it?” asked Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, R-Irving.

Several freshman passed their first bills on the House floor this morning, as much of a freshman’s agenda is local and plenty of those get on the Local and Consent calendar. The first L&C calendar is ALWAYS fun for freshman. And by “fun” I mean “painful.”

That’s why the L&C calendar is such a great way to haze the freshmen – the senior members get on the back mic and grill the freshmen with ridiculous questions, making them sweat it out.


[via Dallas Morning News]


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