Texas Man Caught Trying To Swim Into North Korea To Chill With Kim Jong-un

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Nice Move

I don’t know what you know about Texas, but I assume you’re aware that people here think know they are better than everyone else. Texas is the exception to the rule. Texas is awesome, and Texans don’t take shit from anybody.

Perhaps that’s why an unidentified 29-year-old computer repairman from Texas was arrested Tuesday night for trying to swim into North Korea. The Texan told investigators this potentially lethal attempt to sneak into North Korea was so that he could “meet Kim Jong-un.” North Korea is currently holding three Americans captive to use as leverage in potential negotiations with Barack Obama that will never happen. I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded a fourth.

North Korea and Texas don’t have a particularly strong relationship. In March of last year, North Korea’s “supreme leader” listed Austin as one of the cities in the United States that he’d like to nuke. The city of Austin’s response was basically a collective “whatever” from city officials.

Here is my universal down vote to all the stupid comments like, “Wait, a Texan sneaking into someone else’s country?” Be creative, people.

[via ABC News]

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