Texas Sigma Chi Shreds The National Anthem On Electric Guitar Before Smashing It To Pieces

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Nice Move


Music is about 1 percent actual talent and 99 percent showmanship. You can have all the skill in the world, but if you’re an absolute dud on stage, no one’s going to give you the time of day. You can, however, make up for a severe lack of musical ability solely on pure flash and flair. Prime example is this video we got from Sigma Chi’s Derby Days at the University of Texas.

That rendition of the Star Spangled Banner — by itself — was the guitar equivalent of clubbing our country’s founding fathers to death with the constitution, using the Declaration of Independence as molotov cocktail fuses, and watching Carpenters’ Hall burn to the ground with their powdered wig wearing corpses inside.

It was Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Kobe’s last game bad.

But unlike that lackadaisical, widow’s peak rocking has-been, this Sigma Chi brought it with the theatrics. Electricity personified. From the sheer swagger on stage to the guitar smash and hat throw, I suddenly forget that I want to pull this kid’s U.S. citizenship for pissing all over Francis Scott Key’s grave. Dude brought down the damn house — all for a good cause, too.

This was at a Derby Days auction, raising thousands of dollars for multiple charities. You can donate here if you’re feeling philanthropic yourself.


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