Telling hazing stories with your old man over a stout glass of eggnog. TFM.

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Nice Move


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      Your retarded right? He was born in 49. Hes 63. Maybe u should study up in math or was that too demanding and thats why your a lib arts major? And i meant late 60s not 50s but that still would have made him in his 70s now

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      Elmer Fudd

      Hazing was much worse back in the day… without a doubt. Except maybe not for Pike according to this fuck. Doesn’t surprise me.

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      Jon M Fratsman

      Everyone says hazing was so much worse back in the day but I’m not convinced. We haze differently now than they used to; it’s far more mental mind-fuckery and far less physical exertion. You really can’t compare the two but I bet a lot of people would say what we do now is worse. We’re young and our bodies can (usually) recover from doing B&Ts for hours, but let’s be real here, you still shiver whenever you hear your chapter’s favorite hazing song come on, because you were probably fucking terrified.

      In other news, if you don’t have a standard hazing song, you should get one. I recommend dramatic movie soundtracks as a solid place to start.

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      Douglas MacArthur

      I doubt it. There were less rules back then and the universities didn’t give a shit about hazing. I’ve talked to alumni who were in college as far back as the 50’s, and from all the stories I’ve heard the 70’s and 80’s were the golden age of hazing.

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      I’ve talked about frat life with my dad and he was a Pike at florida back in the late 50s. he said the shit he hears now and from me was way more extreme than what they did. I get what you’re saying but from what I’ve heard it didn’t seem that way

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