Texas State KA Is Just Out There Finger Pistoling Faculty Into Submission

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Nice Move

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A Texas State staff member was shaken to her core after two recent heinous run-ins with the local KA chapter, and has reported the organization for these rabidly offensive actions.

Does this say what I think it says? This is the fraternity that harrassed and pretended to cock and reload at my husband. Texas State University

Posted by Lauren Goodley on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Your eyes do not deceive you, Lauren. These monsters had the audacity to get tagged by some shoddy, trite graffiti vandal. How dare their white picket fence not repel black spray paint? Wouldn’t surprise me if they did it themselves, honestly.

“I know we’re living in an ultra-sensitive, politically correct world where fraternities are public enemy number one, but you know what would really tie our fence together? White supremacism.”

“What are you thinking? Perhaps a swastika?”

“No, that’s overplayed lately. We need something that says we’re racially intolerant but not just blindly following recent trends. Still need to keep it simple because I can’t paint for shit.”

“What if we throw it back and pay homage to the Klan? ‘KKK’ should be easy enough.”

“Love it.”

Is it even a question that’s exactly how it went down? I’d be in constant fear for my life with these menaces around, especially after threatening my significant other with a hot piece.

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Bottom line: we need stricter control on finger pistols. Right now, there seems to be no regulation and any lunatic can seemingly get ahold of not just one, but two digit glocks on a moment’s notice. In the wrong hands, they’re killing machines. Murdering the spines of husbands all across this great country and the psyche of the women who are with them for being with such feeble men.

Editor’s note by Dorn: First person to find me in the top picture wins absolutely nothing.


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