Texas Tech SAE Has New Member That Looks Exactly Like Kliff Kingsbury, Is Getting A Lot More Ass Than You

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Nice Move

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Texas Tech’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon is getting all sorts of attention for having a new member that may or may not be head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s illegitimate child. When you add Kingsbury’s staple Ray-Bans and headset, you can hardly tell the two apart. Judging from the photos, new member Shaun French is well on his way to becoming “Mr. Steal Yo Girl.”

— Shaun French (@shaunybaby17) November 16, 2014


Kliff kills it at tailgate ft. Pom Squad   A photo posted by Shaun French (@shaun_mf_french) on

Forgetting the fact that he lives in Lubbock, Shaun, or as I’m sure the ladies call him, “Shaunybaby17,” has it made in the shade. He owes a big thank you to his parents, because without genetics like that, he’d probably be stuck in a demeaning costume like all the other “new members” should be.

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