Text Convo Reveals Jay Cutler Doesn’t Care About Shit, Not Even Parenting

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Nice Move

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Jay Cutler’s lackadaisical attitude towards football, his fans, his detractors, the media, basic human interaction, and really just life in general has been well-documented, memed, and internetted a million times. Over the weekend, we learned that his absolutely carefree disposition carries over even to fatherhood.

Cutler’s wife, K. Cav, shared a great text conversation between Cutler and her that began as she touched down after a short trip to Los Angeles.

Jax is in the crib and Cam won’t eat, and this is apparently enough to deem hell breaking loose. Cutler’s out. It’s time to bail on the whole parenting thing. Fuck it.

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Image via DFree / Shutterstock


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