WIN iPad Mini Playing Fantasy Baseball

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Nice Move

WIN iPad Mini Playing Fantasy Baseball

It’s time for some fantasy baseball. Our friends at are holding another contest specifically for the TFM community…and this time you have the chance at winning an iPad Mini.

It’s only $11 to enter, 1st place will win an iPad Mini, 2nd-5th will win $10, and 6th-10th will win $5.

Winning an iPad playing fantasy baseball. TFM.

Drop eleven bucks, take a few minutes to draft your fantasy baseball team, sit back and watch your guys win you money or hardware. The first five people to sign up today (Friday 4/19) will win a signed copy of the Total Frat Move book as well!

The contest will lock Friday at 7:05 ET, it’s capped at 40 entries, and it only lasts one day. And again, you’re allowed 2 entries.

If every entrant submits two teams then only 20 people can enter, so you need to hop on this ASAP. Why are you just sitting there? SIGN UP NOW BY CLICKING HERE!



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