TFM Launches Open Discussion Forum

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Nice Move

The next step in improving your user experience has been completed with the launch of the brand new TFM open forum — appears as tab titled “Forum” on home page.

Unlike the previous, basically inactive “Discussions” tab where topics had to be approved by a site moderator, you will now be free to start discussions on any topic you feel like, at any time you want. You will also have the ability to delete or edit your comments, something you guys will often find to be very useful.

This isn’t ‘Nam, though — there are rules. The rules will be strictly enforced by our board moderators, and we will have many eyes on the forum every single day, so don’t try us. Furthermore, we will be operating under a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. One strike, and you’re fuckin out. One single violation of the below rules, and we will blackball you so fast you won’t even know what hit you. We’ll enjoy it, too.

Once balled, you will no longer be able to post in the forum. Ever. The rules are non-negotiable, so save your energy disputing them.

The rules are as follows:

1. No nudity.

This includes everything that you won’t find on basic, daytime television: no assholes, vaginas, lady nipples, dicks, over 3/4 of a buttcrack, grundles, taints, testicles and the like.

2. No racism.

If you think it’ll offend a certain ethnic group, keep it to yourself. This includes race-bating. Just don’t even go there.

3. No homophobia.

Keep your negative feelings about homosexuals to yourself — this includes every, EVERY derogatory term out there.

4. No posting anyone’s personal information.

Staying under the veil of anonymity is essential to the integrity of a message board.

5. Nothing gory.

Keep it clean and use your best judgement.

With that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy it. CLICK HERE to try it out.



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